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We are dooooooing it!
Set up a camp on Cannibal Island across from Crystal Lake boat ramp last night. At Peoria Park we launched H.M.S. Pinecone and the red tug. It was shallow! Further down the river it gets deeper and slower as more rivers empty into the Willamette.
Shannon and I spent the night setting up the kitchen and arts and crafts area. We had the whole island to ourselves. I felt like a pioneer. Paul runs his red tug across the SWIFT river as a ferry. There is a marching band practicing in the football field. Last night there were fireworks going off down the river giving us a good idea of where exactly downtown Corvallis lies. The night in Peoria Park we saw tons of shooting stars. Perseids blessing our journey.
On our way up we stopped by Jimmy’s fathers house and heard amazing stories that really set the mood for one of our goals to collect stories along the river.
If you want to know where we are, please check the page called ITINERARY. We are all busy and have limited phone battery. We are charging or points off solar! Texting is the best, after you have read the ITINERARY and LOGISTICS tabs of this here website.

You Don’t Want to Miss This

Elk Rock Armada

Come See The Voyage of Hurlothrumbo – coming to an Oregon riverfront near YOU!
Ride the ferris wheel and just try not to giggle like a schoolgirl, contribute to a sculpture, write a poem, get wet, share a story, celebrate the shared waterway of our beautiful Willamette River, feast on the surreal spectacle that is The Voyage of Hurlothrumbo!

CORVALLIS Farmers’ Market
Aug. 13th, Wed
Riverside Commemorative Park*
9am – 2pm
* Michael’s Landing, a few blocks north of the market along the multi-modal trail @ NW 1st & Tyler

ALBANY with Paddle Oregon
Aug. 18th, Mon
Bryant Park
1pm – 5pm

Aug. 23-34, Sat & Sun
Salem Riverfront Park @ the public dock
11am – 5pm

Come one, Come all! June 13th – Mission Creek, SF

photo by Tod Seelie

photo by Tod Seelie

Come see “the world’s first amphibious bicycle-powered Ferris wheel built for three”  by Paul Cesewski (of Miss Rockaway Armada, Swimming Cities, and Cyclecide fame) on June 13th. Meet at the Public Boat Launch at Mission Creek Park : 451 Berry Street in San Francisco @ 8pm. Boat departs from small craft launch @ 9pm. Projection of old ships with live music.  At 10:15pm enjoy fireworks at PAC Bell Park. The Ferris Wheel Lives!

Paul’s The Voyage of Hurlothrumbo event on June 13th is a part of Southern Exposure‘s Off Shore project : “Abandoning the limitations of solid ground, five artists create new projects considering the boats, creeks, nautical communities and very edges of San Francisco”.

Mission Creek  was a significant feature of the SF peninsula before cultural overlay took over the natural landscape. Storm drains and development (fill) has rendered the original Mission Creek all but extinct. Today the Mission District sits above the historic creek, while simultaneously sinking back into it, especially as a result of liquefaction and flooding.


The Voyage Continues

After a pilot run in 2013 The Voyage of Hurlothrumbo returns to Oregon’s Willamette River Aug. 11 – 30, 2014. Check out this blog for information about our progress and to find out how to get involved. Photos from 2013 Voyage.

Eliza Swamp Thing

Aqua chopper by Tad

Charlotte raft skeleton D.I. WIDE LOAD


More photos can be found: